Sunday, September 20, 2009

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Hi Though outlook has been around for quite some time but not a big change has been made to it. I could see only 2 major upgrades to the previous Microsoft outlook versions. First one being, outlook now allows more effective office communication by integrating their communications server with outlook a lot better. Also, this time around grouping has been allowed that would definitely help me in keeping track of inbox & sent item threads. Rest, it is old outlook with new name at least to me in first look.

If you would like more information visit following links:

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Microsoft Excel 2010

Though with all good intentions Microsoft has tried to keep its programs easy to use and yet still powerful for common day business use still, I felt as if this most beloved giant has run out of ideas. I am not saying that there are no improvements there are however, a lot more can be done to make excel powerful tool. Say for example, lot of times we go beyond macros to model complex business data and need basic programming that is easy to use. With a very little programming knowledge we should be quickly able to model business data analyse and reply to that email from the boss. I really believe that a lot can still be done to improve excel in this area.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Microsoft Office Word 2010

In this edition of my post I would like to highlight features of Word 2010. Though I thought this edition of Word would not have major change from 2007 version of Office 2007. A major step was enhancement of online collaboration and protected mode for documents. This is amazing that on one hand Microsoft is highlighting document protection and on the other it is trying to attract customers with features like background removal tool.

Another annoying feature is to just do a simple task like printing you now need to open up a full page screen and go through a lot more new features.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A technical Preview of Microsoft Office 2010

Hi guys,

It has been 3 years and time for guys at Microsoft to release something new to coincide with their new operating system Windows 7. I have been trying to get a glimpse of what exactly is new about the Microsoft Office suite and the journey has been quite interesting. the first impression I got was of not much has been done but if you are a mobile person like me and has work following around or you are a tech savy student who likes to work when he feels like on train commute or gets a bright idea while having fun at the beach. The Office suite might be just what you were looking for. All in all there have been many changes in how you collaborate in the new Microsoft office suite or mobility that you might need.

Over the next few weeks I would take each of the products in Office suite and explain you about the new features, whom they can be useful for and why you might not need them.